Costs and Financial Aid

All undergraduate students admitted to CMU automatically receive consideration for non-needs-based scholarships for exceptional academic and non-academic achievement.
Since the university does not base its admissions decisions on a family’s ability to pay tuition, applying for financial aid has no effect on your chances for regular, early decision, or transfer admission.
There are several ways to secure additional financial assistance from the university, the government, and other institutions in the form of loans, work study, grants, and scholarships.
When you initiate the application process, you will be provided with links to Carnegie Mellon's admissions and financial assistance program. The university’s financial aid office is ready to answer your questions and provide the information you need to make decisions about financial assistance.
The university has many resources to help students determine their financial aid eligibility and to find scholarships:
For general financial aid information:

Please note, there is no aid available for international students.