Design’s Kyuha Shim on Vocabularies of Computation

Kyuha Shim, an Assitant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design, was just interviewed by Walker Art's design magazine The Gradient in a piece titled "Vocabularies of Computation: An Interview with Kyuha (Q) Shim." The interview with Jas Stefanski looks at the role AI can play in graphic design.

Featured Video by Joshua Eiten

Words in Motion is a project that explores making visual the spoken or written word. The words on screen provide an interpretation of how words are spoken (their pacing, emphasis, volume) in a given setting or how written words may sound if read out loud. These dynamic "performances" are closer to stage and film performances than to static words on a page of text, and are a personal interpretation by an individual student. This example is from Joshua Eiten in 2015, when he took the course, Time, Motion & Communication.

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