Campus and Facilities

Love where you learn.

Pittsburgh is recognized as a center of research, education, and technology. It’s been named America’s most livable city, most affordable city, and safest for walking—and it’s among the best cities for young entrepreneurs.

You can walk or bike from campus to world-class museums, libraries, parks, and restaurants. It’s easy to find housing on or near campus, and you can get to know people from around the world with every conceivable interest. Affordable living eases the financial burden of education and enhances the quality of life for our undergraduate and graduate students.

Design students are part of a diverse, intellectually rich community. Carnegie Mellon has been known for ingenuity since it was founded in 1900, and that tradition carries on today. Learn more about activities and student life on campus, or plan a visit to Pittsburgh and the School of Design.

Live the studio life.

Our studios are exciting, creative spaces that allow students to be fully immersed in the process of design, working alongside classmates who offer encouragement, critiques, and opportunities for collaboration. Our students each have their own dedicated desk to act as home base, and studios are accessible 24 hours a day. Workspaces have pin-up boards for inspiration or work in progress, and lockable drawers keep your supplies and personal items secure.

Our state-of-the-art graduate studio is one of the most innovative learning spaces in any design school in the country. It offers distinct areas that are tailored to diverse modes of working, including a distance-learning classroom, a configurable collaborative space for group activities, a café, and a large, quiet study room with individual desks.

What better place to study design than the historic Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall, designed by renowned architect Henry Hornbostel and built in 1905. Our facilities include prototyping shops, a letterpress lab, photo studios, and sophisticated computer labs.