Welcome, Alumni!

Dan BoyarskiWelcome to the Alumni section, which will feature lists of our alumni. In addition, there are two related links on the site: Alumni News, which has in-depth stories about individual alums, and Alumni Briefs, which are brief updates on alumni. Check them out and let us know what you think. Comments and suggestions are welcome:

Back to this section. While the full complement of alumni lists will have to wait until the next phase of this site, let me discuss our plans for these lists. Our goal is to have complete lists of students in each graduating class along with (if you wish) degree, major, current job and title, and contact information: email, website, social media. Any more information than that and we begin competing with Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like, and many of you have cautioned us about that. Point taken. 

Watch this space for a future announcement introducing the online form—where we'll quickly collect your information. In the meantime, please make sure we have your most current email address, by contacting Deborah Wilt. And also make sure you're connected to your fellow alumni on LinkedIn.

Dan Boyarski
Fall 2015