Sponsor a Project

Sponsored research and studio-based projects enable students to work directly with companies, non-profits, and academic partners to tackle meaningful design challenges.

From projects such as envisioning personal air vehicles of the future to collaborating with museums to educate children about the importance of insect life, design students participating in your sponsored project bring fresh thinking and insights that can lead to innovative solutions.

If you are interested in sponsoring a research or studio-based project, review our guidelines for what makes a successful collaboration. If you have questions or would like to set up a meeting to discuss these and other opportunities, please contact us.

Recruit at Confluence

Confluence, our annual job fair, attracts prospective employers nationwide to our campus to meet and conduct interviews with our design students. Held in conjunction with CMU’s job fair, Confluence is the School of Design’s primary recruiting forum. We invite prospective employers to tour our studios and view the work of both our undergraduate and graduate students.

Share a Work Opportunity

If you have a job opportunity that you would like us to share with our students, please contact us. We share all appropriate opportunities with our students in a weekly internal newsletter.