Marc Rettig

Marc Rettig

Adjunct of Practice

Marc Rettig’s work is defined by a question: “How can we advance the practice of creating resilient health in social systems?” He is pursuing answers to that question in three ways: consulting, teaching, and writing.

Marc is principal of Fit Associates, a Pittsburgh-based consultancy that helps change-leading people and organizations develop capacity to create in and with social complexity. Fit has done this work with large corporations, local food systems, through business futures explorations, and in the trenches of organizational politics and processes.

As a founding faculty member of the groundbreaking MFA in Design for Social Innovation program at The School of Visual Arts in New York, Marc co-teaches the “Fundamentals” course. Together with teaching at CMU, this provides a proving ground for his work in progress – a practical synthesis of design, facilitation, management, and systems approaches.

After a first career in software systems, Marc has spent eighteen years as a designer of projects, interactions, products, services, experiences, and transformations. He has worked with corporations across a broad range of sectors, including Philips Home Health, Nissan, Microsoft, Comcast, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Seagate, SAP, and numerous startup companies.

Marc previously taught at CMU Graduate School of Design when he was the 2003 Nierenberg Chair of Design, and has also taught as an adjunct at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago. He is one of the “Rosenfeld Experts,” and serves on the advisory board of Rosenfeld Media.

In the midst of it all, Marc plays at improving his cooking and photography skills from his home in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, returning whenever possible to his birthplace in Montana.