Josh LeFevre

Josh LeFevre


I grew up in Utah and naturally fell in love with mountains—climbing them, biking them, snowboarding them—and the outdoors. 

I studied nutrition science and communication studies as an undergraduate. Before that, I served a two-year volunteer service mission to the Netherlands where I learned the importance of being people-centered. 

From there, I began working for a start-up crunching big data and optimizing advertising bid algorithms. Here, I became fascinated with the way individuals use technology and how one could integrate data into service design and other design niches. 

My roots in learner experience design and science/data research has been a driving force to discover where individuals and technology meet.  

These experiences have developed a keen interest in gaining and applying the knowledge and skills to effectively implement human-centered interaction-design.

Currently, I'm in the M.A. prograom studying a Masters of Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University.