Meriç Dağlı

Meriç Dağlı


I am an interaction design masters student at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating May 2018. Last summer, I interned at Carbon Health SF.

I have a multi-faceted background in design. I started my career as an industrial designer, working in early-stage startups. Then I returned my alma mater and worked as a communication designer for three years. Along with the university, I did contract work to continue designing interfaces. Prior CMU, I also worked as a user researcher in an industry collaboration project.

Now, I'm transitioning to interaction design. As a designer, my goal is to empower people by making technology more approachable and accessible. I'm the happiest if my team delivers a successful solution with real-life impact.

Currently, in my thesis, I'm exploring how to design for trustworthy handoffs between the conversational agents to address their discoverability issues.