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Why is industrial design education still relevant? What are the emerging themes in industrial design education? How will future educational structures be shaped to respond to local and global needs?

What is your question? What is your position?

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The Vision

Transitions is to bring together—perhaps for the first time—a collective of community and expert voices to contribute to global conversations about industrial design education. This blog is intended to motivate fresh and forward-thinking ideas and knowledge related to the strategic and practical needs of industrial design education.


  • To initiate important forward-thinking discussions about industrial design education through open exchange. These discussions will help support existing undergraduate and graduate programs, inspire new programs, and better ensure the long-term health of the profession.
  • To have discussions emerge from the community, leveraging its broad and diverse experiences and views. Community conversations will shape the invitation of key experts on defined topics, and the eventual organization of a summit.
  • To produce outcomes that serve as guides to inform industrial design faculty, programs, organizations, and the broader design community.

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