CMU Design League goes to Toronto

Recently, 44 design students packed up and boarded a bus to Toronto, Canada to check out leading design firms. The CMU Design League planned a trip to one of the leading design capitals to gain an intimate look into the international design industry.

Working with Colleagues in China to Advance Design Education

In late May, Professor Kristin Hughes traveled to Wuxi, China to participate in the "Re-Design Design Education" conference. This was the first of a six-year series of events aimed at reforming Chinese design education, sponsored by the Chinese government.

Designing Tote Bags for Food Bank Clients

Sophomore Communication Design students in Kristin Hughes’ Decoding Place class designed tote bags using graphic patterns inspired by nature to raise awareness about The Tote Bag Project, a local non-profit who provides sturdy grocery totes to the Food Bank.

Rape Prevention Messaging Designed by Students, for Students

In design, I don’t think there is a better possible outcome than this: a non-profit who gets a much-needed messaging make-over, and students who get to make work that really matters.

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