Jonathan Chapman on "Designing for the Circular Economy"

Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design's Jonathan Chapman recently published a chapter in the book "Designing for the Circular Economy." The book features a collection of essays from different contributing authors worldwide who have views on the circular economy.

Design's Wayne Chung Releases "The Praxis of Product Design in Collaboration with Engineering"

On September 2, Wayne Chung, Associate Professor and Product Design Chair at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, released his book, "The Praxis of Product Design in Collaboration with Engineering," from Springer Publishing. The book reveals how a generative design process capitalizes on understanding humans in context to deliver appropriate innovation. 

Dexign Futures Unleashed at Tsinghua University in Beijing

In his first trip to Beijing, the School of Design’s Peter Scupelli delivered a three-day international workshop at the China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Research Center. Scupelli also delivered a keynote speech titled “Olympics as Desirable Futures” and was nominated to the China National Art Fund, which trains innovative art tech talents for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Molly Wright Steenson Appointed K&L Gates Professorship

The School of Design's Molly Wright Steenson has been appointed to new professorships created with funding from the K&L Gates Endowment for Ethics and Computational Technologies at CMU. This professorship will enable CMU to continue its leadership in the ethical, social and policy issues that arise as artificial intelligence and other computing technologies increasingly reshape society and daily life.


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