Arthi Krishnaswami Awarded Patent for RyeCatcher

L. Arthi Krishnaswami, an alumna (MDes '06) and current Distinguished Adjunct of Professional Practice at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design, was recently awarded a US Patent for "RyeCatcher." Officially founded in 2014, RyeCatcher is a web-based application that supports the whole child—academic, behavior, social, emotional, health and wellness—by bringing schools, parents, students and service providers together around actionable data.

Design's Charlee Brodsky Presents "American Patriot"

"American Patriot: Photographs by Charlee Brodsky, Poetry by Jim Daniels" is comprised of 66 photographs by the School of Design's Charlee Brodsky of American flags that she finds in residential neighborhoods throughout the southwestern PA region.

Design Alumna Launches Website Dedicated to the Work of Myrna Rosen

Jessie Headrick, an alumna of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design (BDes '18), recently launched a website dedicated to the work of Myrna Rosen, noted calligrapher and Adjunct Professor at the School of Design.

Design’s Kyuha Shim on Vocabularies of Computation

Kyuha Shim, an Assitant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design, was just interviewed by Walker Art's design magazine The Gradient in a piece titled "Vocabularies of Computation: An Interview with Kyuha (Q) Shim." The interview with Jas Stefanski looks at the role AI can play in graphic design.


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