Benal Johnson

Benal E Johnson

I'm currently a junior majoring in product design at Carnegie Mellon University, looking to pursue concentrations in Robotics and Business. 

I’m half Turkish, half American and grew up in an incredibly tight-knit household with my mother, father, cat, and dog. I have been fortunate enough to travel with my family to over 15 different countries throughout my 20 years on this Earth. Traveling has kept my mind open to a vast array of experiences, peoples, and environments. My grandparents are both artists in Istanbul, Turkey and I owe my love of design and the creative arts to them. I spent my summers in their flower-dusted backyard, painting and shaping clay, experimenting with forms, colors, and textures. 

My creative and well-traveled background sparked a love for design. I grew up wanting to be "an inventor" - design was what fulfilled that need. I could "invent" and create these novel experiences, products, and environments through careful design and collaboration. I strongly believe that through thoughtful research, teamwork, and iteration, we can create delightful product experiences and that is really what drives me as a designer. Delightful design is a cooperative process with many minds working together to create these experiences. 

Outside of design, I enjoy reading, traveling, and tinkering with personal projects. I often find that I cannot stop making things and am constantly throwing myself into new projects. I'm in love with design and how its process can transform people, places, and things into the unimaginable.