Hannah du Plessis

Hannah du Plessis

Adjunct of Practice


Hannah du Plessis is principal at Fit Associates, a firm focused on equipping communities to create better futures for themselves. Hannah’s belief in human potential, tempered by the raw reality of growing up in violent, segregated South Africa, fuels her desire to further the field of social innovation.

 As a student, Hannah led the amalgamation of two schools during the transition from apartheid. Her career as interior architect spans across a decade and three continents, and includes 18 built projects. She has worked for various agencies and was founding partner of a design firm. Her love for and continuous engagement in the creative process has taken her drawings into publications and art galleries and herself onto stage as presenter, actor, improviser and dancer.

Hannah has taught internationally in the field of design and innovation. She holds a Masters in Design Methodology from IIT, a degree in interior design from the University of Pretoria and a diploma in fine arts.