Design Juniors Develop Interactive Coronavirus Map

Two juniors in the Design for Environments track recently developed an interactive choropleth map & dashboard tracking the coronavirus outbreak across U.S. counties. Jason Zhu and Miranda Luong (BDes '21), along with NYU computer science student Justin Chen, recently discussed their work in Medium's "Towards Data Science" publication and locally were featured in an article by Pittsburgh Current.

Design Alumna Takes Part in a Patient Revolution

Maggie Breslin (MDes ’04), currently serves as Director of The Patient Revolution, a non-profit organization with two goals; to call attention to the ways in which industrial healthcare fails people and to advocate for and help build a healthcare that is careful and kind. The Patient Revolution is committed to developing tools, programs and resources that help patients, caregivers and clinicians take tangible steps towards this kind of healthcare.

Stacie Rohrbach Begins Tenure as Director of Graduate Studies

In June 2019, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design named Stacie Rohrbach as the Director of Graduate Studies for the MDes, MPS, and MA programs. Rohrbach is an Associate Professor who teaches Designing Experiences for Learning, Communication Design Theory and Practice, Design Studio and Thesis Preparation courses for students across the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

MoonArk Featured on CNN

The MoonArk was recently featured on the front page of CNN as it continues to get redy for its trip to the lunar surface next year. The MoonArk is a massive collaborative and integrated project designed by a team of CMU faculty, students and a host of international collaborators over the past 10 years. Part of a larger Moon Arts research project in the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry the MoonArk is an epochal project that blurs the boundaries between art, design, science and the humanities – a synthesis of research and practice that could only happen in a place like CMU.


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