Sofía Bosch Gomez Presents at Transformation Trend Forum

Sofía Bosch Gomez, a PhD Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, recently presented at the Transformation Trend Forum (TTF) on topics about how designers can face uncertainty and change as they tackle wicked problems by using Systems methodology. The TTF this year was organized by Dr. Xiangyang Xin, an alumnus of the School of Design (MDes ’02, PhD ’07).

Design Week Schedule - Fall 2020

It's Design Week for the Fall 2020 Semester! Check out our schedule of virtual shows and presentations and get information on how to attend.

Erica Dorn Awarded Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship

PhD Researcher Erica Dorn was recently awarded the Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship from the international non-profit Humanity in Action. The Fellowship “brings together 30 diverse leaders from Europe and the United States who spend one year working part-time on creating projects that reinvent democratic spaces, strengthen social cohesion and build community against the backdrop of COVID-19’s impact on democracy.”

Design Students Featured at the RSD9 Symposium

Sophomores from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design were recently featured at the Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD9) Symposium. The students took part in the Gigamap Exhibition with systems maps that were developed in the School of Designs’ Systems Thinking course.


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