Guests & Lecturers

Each year, the School of Design hosts distinguished visitors to expose students and faculty to real-world problem solving and the most advanced thinking in design, communication, art, technology, and other related fields.

For a current list of upcoming speakers and lectures, please visit our Design Lecture Series page.

Recent Visitors:

Bryan Boyer
Dash Marshall
Allan Chochinov
School of Visual Arts
Warren Lehrer
SUNY Purchase
Sara Hendren
Olin College
Ezio Manzini
Hiroshi Ishii
MIT Media Lab
James Tichenor
Joshua Walton
Lucy Kimbell
Cameron Tonkinwise
Hannah du Plessis
Fit Associates
Marc Rettig
Fit Associates
Joep Frens
Eindhoven University of Technology
Cheryl Dahle
Future of Fish
Maggie Breslin
Kristin Hughes
School of Design, Fitwits
Nina-Marie Lister
Ryerson University, Toronto
Ferdinand Ulrich
Robert Fabricant
Frog Design
Gaby Brink
Tomorrow Partners
Nathalie Destandau
Tomorrow Partners
John Thackara
Doors of Perception
Emily Pillton
Project H Design
Lara Penin
Fritjof Capara
Center for Ecoliteracy
Richard Sennett
New York University
Gere Kavanaugh
Gere Kavanaugh Designs
Candy Chang
Tom Deblasis
Nike Soccer
Hugh Dubberly
Dubberly Design
Charlie Cannon
Rhode Island School of Design
Tony Fry
EcoDesign Foundation
Jesse Louis-Rosenberg
Nervous System
Cheryl Heller
Heller Communication Design
Victor Margolin
University of Illinois, Chicago
Jessica Rosencrantz
Nervous System
Christopher Pullman

Other visitors have included:

Frank Armstrong
California State University, Chico, Department of Communication Design, Chico, CA

Maggie Breslin
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Stefan Bucher
344 Design, Los Angeles, CA

Harold Hambrose
Electronic Ink, Philadelphia, PA

Caroline Hummels
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Zach Johnsen
Tank Theory, New Harbor, ME

Dr. Ilpo Koskinen
Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland || View Koskinen’s website

Ezio Manzini
Politecnico di Milano, Department of Industrial Design, Arts, Communication, and Fashion, Milan, Italy

Shane Meeker
Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH

Eva Satalecka
Eva Satalecka, Katowice, Poland

Bernard Uy
Wall to Wall Studios, Honolulu, Hi and Pittsburgh, PA