Gregor May

GregorMayGregor May is a specialist in media and information services and studied industrial engineering and the history of technology in Berlin. He has been a member of the Premium Cola collective for five years and is responsible for regional sales. Gregor will give a lecture titled “The Hacking Economy”

Premium Cola is one of Germany’s most successful soft drinks companies: it has become successful by challenging most business and economic orthodoxies. It does not advertise, does not aim to maximize profits and limits its annual growth. All employees are stakeholders, choose how much time they spend working, and collectively manage the company through a process of consensual democracy.  The company makes agreements with its extensive European network of suppliers and distributors by ‘handshake’, rather than by written contracts. Gregor May will tell the story of how and why Premium Cola decided 15 years ago to start ‘hacking the economy’ by creating a company that puts ethics and social responsibility at the heart of its business practices

Gregor spoke on Monday, September 26 in Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall 103 (MMCH Breed Hall).

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