Arnold Wasserman

Arnold Wasserman: Thinking About 50 Years of Design Thinking from CMU Design on Vimeo.


Word Cloud from the 4.18.2011 Lecture

Arnold WassermanA CMU alumnus named by the magazine Fast Company as a “Master of Design” for creating “not just new products but new ways of working, leading, and seeing,” Arnold Wasserman is founding partner and chairman of Collective Invention, a consultancy focused on “innovation for the common good.” He has held positions ranging from vice president of corporate industrial design at Xerox to dean of the Pratt Institute’s School of Design  and senior fellow at Ideo, and is chairman and co-founder of The Idea Factory, a Singapore-based consultancy specializing in innovation, strategy and design.

Monday, April 18, 2011. 5:00 pm Giant Eagle Auditorium

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