Spring Crit Schedule 2016


All Crits are Open to the Public unless otherwise noted.
MMCH = Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall

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Wednesday, April 27th

CDF (Shim)
6:30pm - 8pm, MMCH 121

Thursday, April 28th

Design for Service (Steenson)
11:30am - 1:20pm, MMCH 121
Students will pitch the services they designed, then offer a case study into their work this semester. Visit the course Medium page for more information. 

IDEATE Infromation Design (Arnold Mages)
12:30pm - 2:20pm, Hunt Library, Studio B

CDF (Lien)
6:30pm - 7:50pm, MMCH 121

Monday, May 2nd

Foundations of Practice for Scocial Innovation & Transitions (Rettig/du Plessis)
11:30am - 1:20pm, MMCH 107
Students have been learning the theory, methods, and personal stance needed for working with "social materials" at many scales: systemic, group, and personal. They will present their shifts in perspective and a view of the future they see before them. Syllabus site for the course: http://socialdesignfoundations.com 

Freshman Show (Chung/Twigg/Shim/Mentzer/Zywica)
9am - 12pm, NOT Open to the Public
1pm - 3pm, OPEN to the Public, MMCH A6
A fundamental exploration of visual form-making with an emphasis on the understanding, interaction, and making of two- and three-dimensional artifacts. This becomes the basis of communication, product, environments, and interaction design.

Prototyping for Interaction Design (Lee)
1:30pm - 3pm, MMCH 121

The Art of Conversation: Our Hazelwood (Hughes)
5pm - 7pm, Center of Life in Hazelwood, 161 Hazelwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Tuesday, May 3rd

Products Studio II: Design for Interaction (Baskinger/Merriman)
9:30am - 11:30pm, MMCH 107
Students will showcase their product design projects from the semester. This course introduces methodologies for the conceiving, planning, and realization of three dimensional interaction-driven products with a focus on simplicity and the expressiveness of formal characteristics.

Communications Studio II: Designing Communication for Interaction & Communication Prototyping Lab II (Rohrbach/Twigg)
10am - 11:30am, MMCH A11
Students will display the three projects that they completed for the course for visitors to peruse. Included are pieces geared towards encouraging energy efficiency among Pennsylvania homeowners, books and websites that feature prominent people in communication design history, and a system of pieces that aid awareness on topics that may be of interest to students at Carnegie Mellon, such as eating healthy. Please stop by and check out their work!

Prototyping Lab II; Environments Studio II: Designing Environments for Interaction (Stadelmeier/Lee)
9am - 11:30am, MMCH 214

Products in Systems (Chung)
1pm - 5pm, American Eagle Outfitters Corporate Offices, NOT Open to the Public
Developing new products, systems, and service solutions for physical and digital design challenges in the American Eagle Outfitter’s retail space.

Industrial Design Fundamental (Butoliya)
1:30pm - 3:30pm, MMCH A11

Interaction Design Fundamentals (Ansari)
4:15pm - 6:20pm, MMCH 107, NOT Open to the Public

Wednesday, May 4th

Intro to Interaction Design (Deal/O'Leary)
8:30am - 12pm, MMCH 121
Students will present their final course project, which required them to design a product ecosystem—multiple products or service interactions working together to help the target user achieve some goal. The system must include multiple touchpoints across a variety of channels, and must include at least one component that extends beyond the screen.

Learner Experience Design (Rohrbach)
10am - 11:30am, MMCH 215
For this course, students chose topics that interested them—such as coding, hot metal glass work, and money management—as the basis for their investigations into designing learner experiences. They will be on hand to show and discuss their designed pieces via a format that is similar to a science fair. Please come chat with the class!

Student Awards Ceremony
12pm - 1:30pm, Breed Hall

Experimental Form (Baskinger)
1pm - 3pm, MMCH 203
Students will showcase their projects from the semester and have live demos of interactive radios. This course looks at the intersection of industrial design and interaction design with an emphasis on creating new paradigms for interactive objects.

Furniture Design II (Merriman)
1:30pm - 3:30pm, MMCH 107

Grad Design Studio II / Research Methods (Scupelli/Hanington)
1:30pm - 4:30pm, MMCH 215
Four student teams from the MDES/MPS program will present their semester-long projects on “Achieving Human-Machine Symbiosis through a Conversational User Interface (CUI)”, sponsored by Microsoft Research as part of the annual Design Expo program. Self-defined projects will feature research and design of Human-Machine Symbiotic CUI solutions for New Parents, EMS Paramedics, Crime Scene Investigators, and Medical Professionals.

Advanced Web Design (Twigg)
2:30pm - 3:30pm, MMCH A11

Thursday, May 5th

Social Interaction in Community (Brodsky/Tonkinwise)
9:30am - 11:30am, MMCH A11

CD Studio 4 (Shim)
2pm - 4pm, MMCH 203

Friday May, 6th

Senior Project (Vitone/Hughes)
1pm - 3pm, MMCH 212 - 213

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Thursday, April 14, 2016
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