Presidential Innovation Fellows Tackle Nation’s Most Pressing Challenges


Carnegie Mellon Today recently featured an article on the Presidential Innovation Fellowships and its connections with Carnegie Mellon University.  One of the current Fellows is Mitchell Sipus, a Ph.D. candidate here at the School of Design.

From Carnegie Mellon Today:

Sipus’ work stems from hitchhiking through Asia in his early 20s. Having studied art and design, he wanted to see how his art could translate into social impact. He studied urban planning and transitioned to contracting with the United Nations and advising mayors in Mogadishu, Somalia, and Kabul, Afghanistan, about rebuilding.

“But I had never worked for my own government,” he said.

Drawn to CMU’s design program because of its multidisciplinary approach to innovation and problem-solving, Sipus sees design as a language to help a community understand itself. Science, he said, is about trying to understand the natural world. Design, however, is trying to understand the world as it’s built, or as it is yet to be built.

“You have to create a methodology to help you make things in a way that will create the consequences that you desire,” he said.

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Date Published: 
Tuesday, April 26, 2016
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