Michael Arnold Mages Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation


The School of Design wants to congratulate Michael Arnold Mages for successfully defending his PhD dissertation, "Designing Civic Conversations: Things and facilitation in high-stakes and difficult conversations," this week. Mages is now the second student to be awarded a PhD in Transition Design from Carnegie Mellon University this year.

People have a hard time talking about difficult topics. Michael's doctoral dissertation details how spaces and things play an active role in shaping conversation, and can help people better direct their conversation towards deeper engagement, sharing and discussing ideas and experiences that pertain to the problem at hand.

The work was examined before a public audience, by an External Examiner and members of the Advisory Committee:

Lara Penin (External Examiner)
Jonathan Chapman (Primary Advisor)
Dan Lockton
Cameron Tonkinwise

The committee unanimously agreed that Michael successfully passed the PhD defense, with only minor revisions required.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michael on an excellent defense performance, and for the production of a high quality doctoral dissertation that makes a valuable and original contribution to knowledge.

Congrats Dr. Michael Arnold Mages!

Date Published: 
Saturday, May 5, 2018
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