Masters of Design Program Celebrates 20 Years: 1994 - 2014

Vinita Israni

This Fall marks twenty years since the launch of the MDes programs. The occasion was celebrated by a gathering of grad alumni from these two programs —Interaction Design (IxD) and Communication Planning and Information Design (CPID)— on Saturday, October 11th.

Joined by current masters and doctoral students, faculty, and staff, the event kicked off with an hour-long seminar featuring talks by Shelley Moertel [1996] (below), John Zimmerman [1998], Ashley Deal [2005], Phil Robinson [2009], and Harold Hambrose [1989]. Dan Boyarski (Director of Alumni Relations), Terry Irwin (Head of the School of Design), Bruce Hanington (Director of Graduate Studies), and Cameron Tonkinwise (Director of Design Studies), spoke to the rich history of the design program as well as the exciting new future in store with the creation and changes in the new programs. With 270 theses completed in the last twenty years, the school is excited about growing in the next twenty.

The seminar was followed by a reception in the new Grad Studio, where light refreshments and drinks were served. The event was particularly commemorative as members of the undergraduate graduating class of 1989 were attending, celebrating 25 years since their time at Carnegie Mellon.

When asked about their experiences they said “We were surrounded by really amazing, smart people [in our time here]. [It was] high caliber. Even looking back after 25 years, I know that it was a completely solid education, and not many people can say that.”

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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