Interaction 18

Monday, February 5, 2018 - 9:00am

The School of Design's Dan Lockton will be running a workshop at Interaction 18 Conference on February 5th in Lyon.

Can creating new metaphors help us design new kinds of interfaces, and understand the world differently?

Run by Carnegie Mellon School of Design's Imaginaries Lab, the New Metaphors workshop is about designing new kinds of more qualitative interfaces and visualisations, through exploring and creating novel metaphors and analogical links between ideas and phenomena in the world—cross-pollination between art and technology, human experience and interaction design.

We'll use a process of metaphor generation inspired by Gregory Bateson's "syllogism in grass", a poetic approach to logic, to generate ideas for different kinds of interface, and then mock-up these interfaces to enable a critical reflection on how they might help us understand the world differently, through making hidden relationships and qualities more experiential and expressable in new ways.