Final_FINAL_v36 - Our Senior Thesis Exhibition

Friday, December 6, 2019 - 6:00pm to Sunday, December 15, 2019 - 8:00pm

The School of Design Class of 2020 Senior Exhibit
Miller ICA

Dec. 7 - 15, 2019
Dec. 6, 6-8pm: Reception

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Asher Blackburn, David Chikowski, Rachel Farn, Anna Gross, Samantha Ho, Rachel Kim, Yoon Young Kim, Janet Lee, Matthew McGehee, Laura Rospigliosi, Max Stropkay, Supawat Vitoorapakorn, Ethan Ye, Maddy Cha, Allissa Chan, Katie Chen, Stephanie Chen, Rachel Glasser, Madison Headrick, Chloe Kim, Sharon Lee, Zoe Lehn, Serina Liu, Robert Managad, Christopher Reyes, Helen Reynolds, William Su, Liam Van Oort, Sherry Wu, Mason Young-Shor, Audrey Zheng, Jackie Chou, Erin Ryan, Christian Walsh, Tammar Zea-Wolfson, Beth Rispoli

"Look familiar? I mean, we've all done it. Iteration after iteration. Copy after copy. But that’s what the design process is … never-ending. Our desktops become crowded with every possible file in the world, .mp4s, .dxfs, .psds, .skps, you name it. Either way, you won’t be seeing your desktop wallpaper for a while.

So, here we are, the CMU Design Class of 2020, embracing our messy process and presenting to you Over the past four years of sleepless nights, full disks, and external hard drives, we’ve each produced many, many iterations that at some point turn into our final work. It’s work that reminds us why we’re passionate about design, work that makes us say “wow, I'm glad that’s over”, and work that makes us proud to have our name attached to it. From the disorganized AE files for a typeface we’ll never look at in the same way again; or the SketchUp models of Miller ICA that looked completely different when physical models were made, or even those SolidWorks prototypes that are lunchboxes, but aren’t really “lunchboxes” - here’s  a tribute to all of the hidden steps behind our final work. 

Throughout the show, you’ll see work that represents our identities, our interests, our concerns, and, most importantly, our voices. The exhibit is curated by moods, energy, and emotional embodiment, showing that despite the medium, mindset or design track, whether from products, communication or environments, human emotions remain a grounding point for our intent and inspiration. From the dark and chaotic to the playful and ethereal, these projects show the multi-faceted and thoughtful designers we have developed into over the course of these last four years.

The world is messy, and so are our desktops. But for now, enjoy our most finalized iterations."

- Senior Design Class 2020