Fall Crit Schedule 2015


Crits open to the public are marked with "OTP".

Monday, December 7th

MDes/MPS Studio 1: Designing for Interactions (Lee)
1:30pm - 3pm, MMCH 215

Tuesday, December 8th

How Things are Made (Chung)
8:30am - 11:20am, MMCH 112

Wednesday, December 9th

How People Work (Hanington)
2:30pm - 4:20pm, MMCH 203

Thursday, December 10th

IDF (Butoliya)
11:30am - 1:20pm, MMCH 203

Designing Effective Health Communications for Low Health Literate Adults (Hughes)
12:00pm - 1:30pm, MMCH 121

UX Design Tools (Chung)
1:30pm - 4:20pm, MMCH 121

Friday, December 11th

Senior Show Reception
Miller Gallery- Purnell Center
6pm - 8pm, Miller Gallery, Purnell Center

Monday, December 14th

First Year Program - Visualizing and Survey of Design (Baskinger/Zywica/Rohrbach/Stadelmeier)
Grading 9am - 12pm (NOT OTP)
1pm - 3pm, MMCH A6
In this course, students investigated two- and three-dimension design concepts that form the basis of designing for products, communications, and environments. Students explored basic design processes (ways to think about and approach design), contextual relevance (how artifacts affect, and are a result of, their context), and tools and materials (how they make the work and what they need to make it).

Photo Narrative (Brodsky)
12pm - 1pm, MMCH 121
In this final presentation, we will look at our class' 13 hand-made books that span a wide range of subjects that include home-life, to why women convert to Islam, to light that falls on a bedroom wall, to Miriam's Great Uncle Syd, who was a Medal of Honor awardee for his valor in World War I. Please come and join us.
OTP - Bagels WIll be served

Tuesday, December 15th

Environments Studio 1: Form & Context / Prototyping Lab 1: Environments (Scupelli/Lee)
9am - 12pm, MMCH 211

Communication Studio 1 (Boyarski & Twigg)
10am - 12pm, MMCH A11

Products Studio 1 (Zywica)
1pm - 3pm, MMCH 121

Wednesday, December 16th

Time Motion & Communication (Boyarski/Shim)
10am - 11:45am, MMCH A11

Intro to Web (Twigg)
2pm - 3pm, MMCH 121
Students showcase collaborative projects building responsive websites for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Thursday, December 17th

Product Design 3 (Anderson)
9am - 12pm, MMCH 203

Form: Meaning: Context (Hughes)
2pm - 4pm, MMCH 112

Friday, December 18th

MA Seminar 1: Design Thinking (Arnold Mages)
10am - 11am, MMCH 107

MDES/MPS IxD Lab (Shim)
MM 215 10am - 12pm, MMCH 215

MA Studio VCF (Twigg)
11am - 12:30pm, MMCH 121
Students present work created in collaboration with the Allegheny County Health Department to address smoking prevention and cessation in Allegheny county.

MDES CD Studio (Rohrbach)
2pm - 4pm, MMCH 215
In this course students investigated the nature of common, yet challenging, communication tasks, they studied and applied communication theories to the design of pieces that convey messages and interact with audiences in truly interesting and effective ways, and they built a toolkit of advanced communication skills and strategies that aim to serve them well in their professional careers for years to come.

OPEN Exhibit of graduate work, showcasing semester projects from the MDes, MPS and MA Programs, and MDes Thesis Projects
2pm - 5pm, MMCH 215

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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