Dimeji Onafuwa Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation


The School of Design wants to congratulate Dimeji Onafuwa for successfully defending his PhD dissertation, Design-Enabled Recommoning: Understanding the Impact of Platforms on Contributing to New Commons, this week. Onafuwa is officially the first student to be awarded a PhD in Transition Design from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Resources are vital to our collective well-being. It is therefore critical that we reimagine how sharing resources can be prioritized over the ownership rights that currently control access and exclude those with dire needs. Dimeji's doctoral dissertation does just this, by exploring the design of more inclusive tools and platforms that assist collectives in "recommoning" resources so as to define new conditions for accessing and sharing them.

Dimeji's work was examined before a public audience, by an External Examiner and members of the Advisory Committee:

Trebor Sholz (External Examiner)
Molly Wright Steenson (Primary Advisor)
Lara Penin
Cameron Tonkinwise

The committee unanimously agreed that Dimeji passed the PhD defense without any required revisions.

Congratulations, Dr. Onafuwa!

Date Published: 
Thursday, April 26, 2018
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