Consciously Competent: CMU Design Senior Showcase

Saturday, February 5, 2022 - 5:00pm to Sunday, February 20, 2022 - 9:00pm

August 27, 2018 was the very first day of class. 1229 days ago and counting. Nerves were high, student's didn't know what to expect, would they make friends, would they be good enough for CMU, would they find edible food on campus?

That was 1229 days ago and counting. And now those scared first years are the CMU Design Senior Class of 2022. It turned out we did end up making friends. It turned out we were good enough for CMU. It turned out there was indeed even edible food on campus. And now it's time to share the past four years of our work with the world and celebrate the cool things we've all made together.

 From February 5-20, the CMU Design Senior Class of 2022 will be exhibiting work from the previous 4 years of their time at CMU in the Miller ICA Exhibit on campus. All three floors of the Miller ICA will be specially designed and curated by the Senior Design class to house games and showcase our favorite projects ranging from furniture to illustration to clothing to large installations.

Currently, a closing reception is planned for February 17 with more details to come soon.

We hope you will join us to celebrate the closing of this chapter of our lives at CMU and to celebrate the exciting next chapters that await us after.