CMU Senior Design Show

Vinita Israni
After almost four years at Carnegie Mellon University, the senior design class celebrated their accomplishments and shared their most recent projects at Deliverables, CMU School of Design’s Senior Exhibition for 2014

The work featured in the show reflected the unique identity, both of the individuals and of the design class. The opening night was a success, bringing in students, faculty, and staff from all over the school as well as all over the city. 

Their artist statement:

"Our understanding is that designers create for an external entity. The goal of a designer is often to create functional, meaningful solutions for users within a problem space. A critical view of design might label this relationship as a limitation on personal values and expression. Creating designed solutions could be considered idealistic or even imposing.

We, the Design Class of 2015, would certainly refuse to fit into any rigid definition. We don’t like to play by the rules. We take creative risks. We want to produce beyond convention, beyond the expectations set for us. Our work is both practical and experimental. We are diverse in our interests, and our careers will take divergent paths within and outside of the field of design.

Deliverables, will represent our class as the individualists and free-thinkers that we are. The show’s title acknowledges the constraints of our discipline but visually challenges that notion. The collateral takes what the public expects and transforms it. It alters visual design tropes to incite curiosity and dialogue about what design can be. We proudly highlight our work and we acknowledge how we’ve grown. We use what we’ve learned about form, material and composition in our curriculum to construct a functional, conceptual, communicative, expressive, and most of all, thoughtful public image for our show."

—Senior Design Class 2015

Photo Credit: Anu Jayasinghe

Date Published: 
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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