CMU’s School of Design Ranked #1 By LinkedIn For Graduate Success


LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network with 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe, has just ranked Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design as the number one Design school in the country based on career outcomes for recent graduates.

LinkedIn develops these rankings by identifying the top companies where Designers are choosing to work and then finds the percentage of university alumni who've landed Design jobs with them.

“It’s a great validation for our program,” said Terry Irwin, Head of the School of Design. “We always try to strike a balance with our graduates.  We want them to be fully prepared to take on jobs in all sectors and we also want to educate them for life.  It’s not just about preparing them for jobs; it’s about preparing them for the long arc of their careers.

“This distinction shows that the immediate term part of our program works for our graduates.”

Irwin cites the advantages of being a Design school within Carnegie Mellon University as a key factor in the success of School of Design alumni.

“Carnegie Mellon University is a unique context for the School of Design,” added Irwin. “Our depth of emphasis on technology and a user-centered approach to Design allows our graduates to become deep systems thinkers that know how to solve for complex problems within complex social systems. 

“They understand how to design appropriately for human needs.”

Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design is one of the oldest Design programs in North America, with a rich history in Product (Industrial) Design, Communication (Graphic) Design, Interaction and Service Design. It is one of the only leading programs to offer design degrees at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels within a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural research university.

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Date Published: 
Friday, April 17, 2015