3rd International Conference on Design Futures

Friday, December 2, 2022 - 8:00am to Saturday, December 3, 2022 - 5:00pm

Online International Conference on Design Futures 2022 (Global Design Futures Network) will be held from December 2nd to December 3rd, 2022. Politecnico di Milano - Design Department & School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University - School of Design, and Tsinghua University - Art and Tech Innovation Base, would like to invite you to participate in this Conference (http://www.designfutures.cn/en/)

The conference facing the drastic changes in the current international society, thinking and looking into the future picture is becoming a new starting point and foothold of design innovation. Politecnico di Milano will cooperate with Carnegie Mellon University and Tsinghua University, as well as other universities and institutions to review the ideas of post-pandemic globalization development from the perspective of design innovation.

The 3rd International Conference on Design Futures will discuss the methods and frontier thinking of design futures from the perspectives of future philosophy, future design education, future creation, and future society, respectively, in the cross-cutting fields of philosophy, aesthetics, science, and sociology. Explore new development directions and opportunities in design, pedagogy, science, philosophy, and aesthetics. Leading global change through future thinking. A series of interdisciplinary discussions will be held to build an international platform for innovation exchange. The conference will invite internationally renowned experts and scholars in related fields to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by mankind in the 21st century, think about how to predict and deal with complex social problems, and look into the future from the perspective of design innovation.

In the ICDF 2022 Panels, we will try to explore four themes: Futures Scapes | Futures Design-Edu | Futures Literacy | Futures Well-being. It is hoped that this conference will promote the coordinated symbiosis and development of science and technology, economy, and society, and integrate future thinking into innovative practice to cope with and lead the uncertain future. This international conference will plan the future with a progressive vision, forge ahead in the tide of the times, start from the responsibility and mission of education, and build futures together with stakeholders in various fields. 

Friday, December 2, 2022

13:20-13:30 (Milan Time) 7:20am -7:30 am (Eastern Time)

Opening ceremony

13:30-15:00 (Milan Time) 7:30 am - 9:00 am (Eastern Time)

Panel 1: Futures Scapes

Moderated by Anna Barbara

Panelist 1: Anna Barbara (Politecnico di Milano)

Panelist 2: Adama Sanneh (CEO, Moleskine Foundation)

Panelist 3: Manuela Celi (Politecnico di Milano)

Panelist 4: Luca Simeone & Rike Neuhoff (Aalborg University)

15:10-16:40 (Milan Time) 9:10 am - 10:40 am (Eastern Time)

Panel 2: Futures Design-Education

Moderated by Peter Scupelli

Panelist 1: Peter Scupelli (Carnegie Mellon University)

Panelist 2: Peter Bishop (University of Houston)

Panelist 3: Doris Wells-Papanek (Design Learning Network)

Panelist 4: Susanna Sancassani (Politecnico di Milano)

Saturday December 3, 2022

13:30-15:00 (Milan Time) 7:30 am - 9:00 am (Eastern Time)

Panel 3: Futures Well-being

Moderated by Zhiyong Fu

Panelist 1: Zhiyong Fu (Tsinghua University)

Panelist 2: Luca Guerrini (Politecnico di Milano)

Panelist 3: Francesca Murialdo (Middlesex University)

Panelist 4: Christopher Kirwan (Newwork International)

15:10-16:40 (Milan Time) 9:10 am - 10:40 am (Eastern Time)

Panel 4: Futures Literacy

Moderated by Shams Hamid

Panelist 1: Shams Hamid (Iqra University)

Panelist 2: Adam Cowart (Carnegie Mellon University)

Panelist 3: Nicklas Larsen (Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies)

Panelist 4: Dan Lockton (Eindhoven University of Technology)

16:40-16:50 (Milan Time) 10:40 am - 10:50 am (Eastern Time)

Closing ceremony + Summary Statement

The conference, in the form of remote dialogue, will take place in the online metaverse platform Spatial.io for reserved 500 spots, in the meanwhile, it will be live-streamed on Facebook on the official page of GDFN-Global design futures network for an unlimited number of participants.

To participate in the conference, register here.