• research methods ux how people work biking parking
  • communication community poster book print system
  • well-being health work life balance system interactive physical digital spatial
  • social media platform intervention analysis research motion film craft
research methods ux how people work biking parking

Confluence 2017

Lucy Yifan Yu

The images show four different projects: 1) Biker's Nest: a design research project that investigates CMU's bike parking experience. 2) Paint the Pavement: a system of pieces used to engage, persuade, and enable the audience to work on a community project together. 3) Habits of Happy: a system of interactive pieces that help college students develop a healthier work/life balance. 4) Me, Us, Them: an analysis of how social media distributes content, with an intervention for increasing community.

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Me, Us, Them: Reconfiguring Social Media Platforms

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