• Product Design: ALFY Vinyl Player
  • Service Design: MAEK
  • Furniture Design: KORYS Arm Chair
  • Graphic Design: NuuNii Dolls
Product Design: ALFY Vinyl Player

Product Design | Service Design | Furniture Design | Graphic Design by Annisa Prasetyanto

Ananda Prasetyano

Hi! My name is Annisa and here is a sneak peek of my portfolio. I have placed (conveniently) four different types of designs that I have created (some with my friends) for you to peruse. I’d like you to see that I’m versatile and love to work on different projects. Currently I’m dabbling in UX Design but can’t show any of those projects just yet. If you’re interested to see more, please visit www.aprasetyanto.com or shoot me an email for even more projects at aprasety@andrew.cmu.edu. Have fun!

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