Tom De Blasis

Tom De Blasis Lecture from CMU Design on Vimeo.

Tom De BlasisTom De Blasis, a Global Design Director for Nike Soccer, took his first step towards a life in industrial design when as an 8-year-old boy he took apart his Star Wars Tie-Fighter and gazed upon the mess of circuit boards, wires and molded parts contained within.  Magic, inspiration and a painful lesson in spring-loaded assemblies hit him all at once.

He believes in designing experientially and so in the name of design research he has found himself walking into a burning building in full firefighter turnout gear, firing an illegal Belgian semi-automatic assault rifle, going on a stakeout with a private detective and walking the tent cities of refugee camps.

Currently a Global Design Director for Nike Football (Soccer), his latest creation is called The Gamechanger Bucket, a health and happiness kit that brings access to clean water and sport to disaster areas and communities in need around the world.

This lecture will take place Thursday, September 22, 2011. 5:00 pm in MMCH A-14.