Kristin Hughes

hughes300Kristin Hughes, Associate Professor, School of Design, CMU, works with members of at-risk communities to address (and eventually, hopefully solve) complex social problems. Since no one discipline holds the ultimate solution for such problems, Kristin honed a community-engagement model of design during her 14 years of practice. Her model generates solutions by fusing the expertise and passion of community members and leaders across disciplines including alternative education, psychology, formal education, health care, fine arts, community organizing and public policy.

In her talk, Kristin will share stories from these collaborations, as well as stories from her childhood and other formative experiences that drove her development of an approach to problem-solving that finds its success by directly engaging community members in each step of the design process. Her stories will illustrate the inspiration for this inclusive model, as well as the amazing results that occur when you treat each participant like the expert they are and invite the exchange of skills and know-how among community members as they make decisions and solve vexing problems their communities face every day.

One of many stories Kristin will share will be about recent work with kids, families, teachers and health care providers to create a system of games and services to help prevent and reduce childhood obesity by closing gaps
in health literacy, education and awareness.

Kristin Hughes spoke on “How Do You Design ‘With’ the Future?” on Thursday, January 15th at 5:00pm in Kresge Theater, CFA.

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