Gaby Brink

Gaby BrinkGaby is the founder and executive creative director of Tomorrow Partners. She leads an inter-disciplinary team of creative talents to craft communication programs everywhere that brands live. Gaby believes that design plays a vital role in building a brighter future and regularly applies her creative firepower to nurture environmental and social causes and help organizations with sustainability at their core thrive.

Gaby serves on the Board of Directors of AIGA, the largest and oldest professional design association. She co-authored The Living Principles for Design, the first integrated framework to provide a systems thinking approach to environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability for designers of all disciplines. Through her leadership, she fosters dialogue and collaborations between global design leaders and organizations to co-create tools and best practices for design as a catalyst for cultural change.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 5:00pm in MMCH A-14.

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